The topic of this blog is exploration of industries and crafts, and how they work.

The goal is to cover an industry or a specific craft every week.

Here's a list of the first topics to get us started:

  1. Steel production
  2. The Oil industry
  3. Farmacutical industry
  4. Commerical drone production

I will go into enough detail to understand the following aspects:

  • What is produced
  • What is sourced from other industries
  • Who are the customers
  • How is the product produced today
  • How was the product produced originally
  • What trends are there in the industry
  • What is the value proposition!

These aspects are guiding, but not fixed. The real goal is to be sufficiently instructional to allow a practical view on the industry or craft.

crane on water damn
Photo by Alex Bagirov / Unsplash